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NFL Trade Rumours: Why Eagles Should Trade For Bengal’ John Ross.

The 2019 NFL Combine which happens to be holding in Indianapolis will see the Eagles and the rest of NFL meet. However, Bengal’ John Ross who happens to be one of the best combine performers might be traded off real soon.

From multiple reports, it’s clear that Speedy Bengals is all set to be traded, and projections are that he would be a plus to Eagles so they should make a good run for him.

Ross, an alumnus of the University of Washington broke into limelight during Combine two years ago when he carved out a new record of 4.22second 40-yard dash, breaking the previous record held by Chris Johnson. Even though he strained his calves while accomplishing this feat, which limited his participation in the rest of the Combine, there was no telling that Ross had something.

The speed exhibited by Ross alongside his production in college is responsible for his being drafted NO. 9 overall on his team— Bengals. The same Ross is presently on the block, and the Eagles will be smart to make a move on this speed machine.

The New England Patriots’ Owner, Robert Kraft Faces Misdemeanor Charges.

The 77 year old Robert Kraft was caught on surveillance video having a sex sting operation and being pleasured by it. As a result he is at risk of being prosecuted for two misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution. The video hasn’t gone public yet, which keeps people curiously wondering on when it will be eventually released to the public.

NFL Combine All Set to Commence

On Tuesday, the NFL Combine will begin and the 2019 NFL Draft process naturally has begun with teams prospecting for who will be part of their lineup when they start selection in April. The Combine will commence on the 26th of February and run through March 4th. The Luca Oil Stadium and its surrounding usually play host to this annual event held in Indianapolis.

To be eligible for selection as a player in the NFL combine, then you must go through the NFL Draft, which entails passing medical, psychological and physical tests organized in a central location.

This is usually so that the 32 teams that make up the league can scout for prospects in a common place. Every player looking to have a shot at the NFL usually hoped to be selected during the April draft.